State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi sworn-in as head of Myanmar Scout Federation

State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi attended a swearing-in ceremony as Head of the Myanmar Scout Federation held at the Yangon University Diamond Jubilee Hall and delivered a speech.

The ceremony began with attendees signing the National Anthem and saluting the National Flag.

Next, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides sang the scout/guide song. After this, the State Counsellor was sworn-in as Head of the Myanmar Scout Federation surrounded by Myanmar Scout Federation patrons, Chief Scouts, old Scouts and Guides, State and Region ministers, State and Region heads of education department.

Next, Myanmar Scout Federation Head State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was given a scout/guide salute by Myanmar Scout Federation patrons, Chief Scouts, old Scouts and Guides, State and Region ministers, State and Region heads of education, Boy Scouts, Girl Guides and attendees.

Afterwards, Myanmar Scout Federation Head State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi delivered a speech expressing her honor and appreciation of being appointed as Head of Myanmar Scout Federation.

The State Counsellor said, “There are two reasons why this assignment was accepted and why it was an honor.

It would not be wrong to say that this was to maintain a family tradition. My mother Daw Khin Kyi was a Girl Guide and I myself participated as a Girl Guide when I was young. This was a tradition and it was a tradition not kept by my mother alone but her friends’ daughters as well who became Girl Guides and became friends of mine.”

This was a tradition kept not by my family alone but by many other families as well. In other words, it can be said as a tradition of a generation. That was why I was very much honored to take up this duty. The second reason was more important. I have absolutely no regret for my conduct as a Guide as well as for our conduct as a group. Thinking back after 50 years it was quite obvious that we did it well, happily and cleanly. Friends and colleagues who served together with me as Guides were also noted to have maintained their standards and norms which they had maintained at that time.
I noted with joy and happiness that the standards, norms and values that were taught to us when young had remained in our hearts. The reason why I wanted to support the Scout movement was to put the young the scouts/guides onto a good path beginning from a young age when their minds and thoughts were still young and unformed. This would be beneficial to them for life. I believed that this would be beneficial for us as well as for our society. The scout movement held their meetings weekly in groups. Facts about scouts/guides were taught to us by our teachers. To come together as a group was not for teaching only but for enjoyment also. We had an opportunity to make new friends. We learnt songs that were informative for us. Yesterday was Martyrs Day when an interfaith prayer service was held as usual every year and the religious song sang at the service was the song that I was taught in the Scout/Guide group. We were straight and honest due to the faith we had and this was taught by the song and remains valued within us. I also understood the importance of a Scout/Guide when I was sworn-in as Head of the Myanmar Scout Federation, said the State Counsellor.

The State Counsellor continued and said that our teachers taught us with a short English song to think deeply before giving a promise or taking an oath. Whether we can keep the promise or do as we have said. Whether we have the strength to keep it or do it. And once given, it was to be kept within our hearts forever. We sang this song a lot. I wonder if today’s scout/guide were taught this song. Scout/Guide oath of duty to country, duty to other people and duty to self. I also remembered the World Song that we sang later. Through these songs, those who don’t know about scout/guide would know that the norms and standards kept were good and true. Scout/Guide songs of the world were also of high ethical value. I repeatedly say this. Nowadays everyone wanted to be a leader. There were leadership courses, youth leader, women leader, ethnic leader, political leader and many leaders. Where were the followers? They needed to be taught to work as a group. This was the Scout/Guide movement. Isn’t there a leader in a group? Yes there are. They came about eventually. The duty was assigned to those can do it. There are leaders and second-leaders. But others don’t act simply as followers. They do things together. This was the strength of the Scout/Guide movement. All were equal. Scouts/Guides were friends and colleagues who are the same. Leaders don’t orders other around.

The Scout/Guide oath/pledge was to help others all the time together with others. This was how we did it. We worked in friendship with each other and happily together. Going on camping trips was a very happy time. Our teachers were full-fledged Scouts/Guides and made us young scouts/guides happy. They instilled in us valuable norms and standards.
Normally camping trips were 10 days to two weeks. Even though 10 days to two weeks was not sufficient, we were quite satisfied. We lived in small canvas tents. As we camped beside the Inya Lake teacher taught how to dig. We maintained our discipline the whole day. We woke up on time. In the morning we saluted the flag. We ate on time. We worked when it was time to work. We were taught handicrafts. In the evening, we sang songs beside a camp fire.

Camp fire was the happiest time as well as understanding our duties and responsibilities. We were kindly taught about this. The basic philosophy of Scout/Guide movement was to give happiness to one another.

We pledged or took an oath to do our duty to country, others and self. We serve others who are of the same as well as different religions. We made everyone happy all the time. We pledged or took an oath so that we could help and give happiness all the time. We had to be good natured and kind. Many people didn’t know this. In fact this was good ethics. We must be good natured and kind to have peace and stability. Some think this was outdated and old fashioned and did the opposite nowadays saying it was having enthusiasm. In fact it was being rude. Rudeness and enthusiasm were not the same. The ethics of scout/guide benefited us as well as our neighborhood. All needed to follow. If we kept these standards and norms after we were no longer scout/guide, it would benefit not only our country but the entire mankind. That was why I value and honor the duty of being assigned as Head of the Myanmar Scout Federation. I conclude with a prayer that as I work with scouts/guides may I spread happiness not only to the scouts/guides but also to the country and the world and may I spread the standards and norms, said the State Counsellor.

Next Girl Guides sang the World Song and scouts/guides entertained the audience with a song.

Afterwards, the State Counsellor took a commemorative photo with Boy Scouts and Girl Guides, Myanmar Scout Federation patrons, Chief Scouts, State and Region ministers, Rectors from universities where Scouts Movements have been formed, University Scouts Movements chairpersons, State and Region education heads, old Scouts and Guides, youth network and community based Scouts
After the event the State Counsellor went to Yangon University where Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi explained about renovation works conducted at Pinya Hall, Bago Hall and in the Yangon University compound.

Following this the State Counsellor met with students staying in Bago Hall enquiring about living conditions and to suggest openly on difficulties faced.
Later the State Counsellor went to Gangaw Park newly constructed for students to rest and planted a Gangaw tree. –

The following dignitaries, officials and invited guests attended the event:
Myanmar Scout Federation patrons Union Ministers U Min Thu, Dr Myo Thein Gyi and Dr Myint Htwe, Peace Commission Chairman Dr Tin Myo Win, Yangon Region Chief Minister U Phyo Min Thein, Dr Than Oo, States and Regions social affairs ministers, Rectors from universities where Scouts Movements were formed, University Scouts Movements chairpersons, State and Region education heads, Dr Tin Nyo of Myanma Boy Scouts, Dr Tin Hla Kyi of Myanma Girl Guides, old Scouts and Guides, Boy Scouts and Girl Guides representing Yangon Region, youth network and community based Scouts, officials and invited guests.