Frequently Asked Qs and As

Q: Do I need to make an appointment to apply for a visa?
A: No

Q: Do I have to come to the Embassy to apply for a visa?
A: Yes. But if you cannot come, someone from your family or visa agent can apply on behalf of you and your family.

Q: How many days will it take to process a visa?
A: We take 5 working days to process a visa.

Q: Can I pay with bank card?
A: Yes. But we only accept debit card.

Q: When can I pick up my passport?
A: After 5 working days, you can pick up your passport from 2 to 4 pm with the proof of payment receipt.

Q: Where can I get the payment receipt?
A: You will get the payment receipt after you pay the fees for your visa.

Q: Do you have same-day service for a visa?
A: We do not have same-day service.