Road Transport

There is a large network of roads all over the country and all the tourist sites are accessible by road. Road Transport operates regular bus services linking major tourist centers.

For more information tourists should consult with Tourist Information Service, Myanmar Travels and Tours, and Vision World International Travels & Tours.


Myanmar has a large rail network and Myanmar Railways operates many lines of which Yangon-Mandalay is the main with many trunk lines. Special counters are opened for tourists at Yangon, Thazi and Mandalay stations. For more information tourists are advised to consult with Tourist Information Service or Vision World International Travel & Tours.

Inland Water Transport

Myanmar is endowed with many rivers and a large deltaic area and Inland Water Transport operates a huge net-work of waterways transport. Sailing down the majestic Ayeyarwady River is a rewarding experience for all traveller. Mostly tourists enjoy taking daylong boat trip from Mandalay to Bagan. In Irawaddy Delta, Pathein (Bassein) is easily accessible and it is becoming popular as a tourist site.


Prepared by THAN TUN WIN, Embassy of the Union of Myanmar , Brussels